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LET’S TALK!!! Unpleasant kekenor experiences!


Getting around in Cotonou is so easy and sometimes fun, the most popular mode of transportation are the infamous kekenors. If you’ve never been to Cotonou and you don’t know what I mean, let me explain….

Kekenor is the native term for Bike man, a bike man is someone who picks up a maximum of 2 passengers at the side of the road and drops them off at their desired destination and is then paid for the service. They are distinctly recognized by their yellow jackets and helmets, Sometimes it could be a green jacket instead of yellow but majority are always in yellow!

Almost everyone I’ve met in Cotonou has an experience with these kekenors and most are quite unpleasant. Let’s talk about a few.

1. The crafty kekenor
I’m sure you are wondering why I used the word crafty, Trust me it’s accurate!! These are the ones who seize you up by your outfit, mannerisms and speech. Once they notice you are not fluent in either french or their local dialect they are ready to take you anywhere! Now, these kekenors don’t really put too much into bargaining. They say “500cfa”, You say “300cfa” and then they tell you to hop on. It’s a trap!! Immediately you get to your destination and proceed to pay, they never give you your complete change and once you ask for the balance they immediately switch to their language. They’ll tell you that you agreed to their own price and start shouting words they Know you don’t understand, thinking that if they make a scene, you’d let it go and cave to their accusations! I’ve realized that Students are usually the victims of these crafty kekenors. Stay vigilant.

2. The Charlaton Kekenor

According to the Cambridge dictionary a Charlatan is a person who pretends to have skills or knowledge that they do not have. After stating your destination to the kekenor he will nod his head and act like he knows the destination you are going to, infact, he will even charge you exorbitantly then tell you he is not cheating you with the price is charging.Now on the way to your destination he starts asking you if he should turn left or turn right, believe me you are lucky if that is not the first time you are going to that location. If, unfortunately, it is your first time going to that location then two things are likely to happen; The first would be that the Kekenor would most likely drop you off anywhere and tell you that you’ve arrived at your destination. This is the worst thing ever, especially if you already budgeted your funds for transportation. The second thing that could happen is that he keeps driving around till you tell him to stop. If you are lucky he’ll ask for directions from near by shops.

3. The Horny kekenor

     Personally I have no experience with this particular type of kekenor but I’ve heard a lot of people complain about them a lot. There are no signs that indicate that the Kekenor you are about to board is a pervert. According to one of my sources, she had already gotten to her destination and was about to pay the Kekenor when he decided to try his luck.

She handed him the agreed amount and then he flat out told her that he was more interested in another form of payment if she understood his meaning, (he wished to take her to a hotel and show her a good time) She was so surprised that she laughed so hard that the Kekenor felt so embarrassed and sped off! Crazy things are truly happening!

You can’t pass through this beautiful town and not have a run in with one of these types of kekenor, it’s inevitable!

We would love to hear about your experiences as well!! Don’t forget to drop a comment and share!!


  1. I’ve experienced most of the things you said about kekenors in Cotonou.lol
    I wasn’t really in the town but it happened to me at the capital Porto-Novo


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