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Ex-President, Jonathan Ridiculed Himself By Picking Presidential Forms, He'll Not Get The Ticket – Ruling Party, APC Chieftain


ex-President Goodluck Jonathan
ex-President Goodluck Jonathan

Reactions have continued to trail former President Goodluck Jonathan’s decision to pick the presidential nomination forms of the ruling party, All Progressives Congress (APC).
Many Nigerians reacting to his defection to the APC as a former president, elected on the platform of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), say Jonathan’s action is ridiculous.

ex-President Goodluck Jonathan

An APC chieftain in Yola, the Adamawa State capital, Vrati Zonzo, has lambasted Jonathan, saying the former president had by this action destroyed his hard-earned integrity.
According to him, Jonathan was disgraced out of office by the APC just seven years ago; wondering what would be his message while on the same APC’s campaign podium.
Zonzo urged the former president to jettison his ambition in his own interest, asserting that Jonathan might just be up for a second electoral disgrace.
He said, “I don’t think former President Jonathan has any business contesting for the office of the president under any political party.
“He was in office for six years. What did he forget in the office; why would he subject his hard earned integrity to ridicule? He ceded power to APC seven years ago, and now what makes him think he’s marketable in 2023? I don’t think it’s a good idea for Jonathan to run, particularly looking at the mess embedded in the buildup to the 2023 elections.
“Assuming he wins the APC ticket, what would he tell the electorates about PDP? Or better still, what would he say about the APC party that vilified him as a clueless leader when it wrest power from him?
“I bet you this move by former president Jonathan will end with a huge disgrace for a second time”, he said.
Zonzo, who is running for a seat in the House of Representatives from Adamawa State, on the APC platform, also lambasted his party for high costs of nomination forms.
He said, “As a youth, as a commoner, I’m not happy with the high cost of nomination forms of my party. This is not justifiable at all.
“They argued that the high rate was to fend off unserious contestants. This is absurd because you cannot determine seriousness by the depth of a person’s pocket. Why not set standards like getting endorsement from credible persons in the society, or educational qualification and may be by track record of community service?” he queried.




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