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Deborah: Enough Is Enough! By Bishop Steven Ogedengbe


I would like to begin with a Note of Condolence to the Family of Deborah Samuel and it is my Prayer that God will give Comfort to her Family and Loved ones.
Today I declare her a Martyr .

Deborah Samuel, a 200 level christian student of the Shehu Shagari College of Education Sokoto who was gruesomely murdered and burnt to ashes by some islamic extremists (terrorists) that happens to be her fellow classmates and also share membership of WhatsApp platform purposely made for academic work. These Students terrorists turned this particular group chat platform into a place of religious activities. The innocent observation of Deborah cautioning her classmates who are members of the group should adhere to the regulation of maintaining the group chat as a platform of Academic discourse.
This was the offence that cut her life short with claims of Blasphemy.

She was Mobbed, Assaulted, Brutalised, Lynched to Death and Heartlessly set on Fire. This is the Highest level of Abuse in the 21st Century and it is a Total Breakdown of Law and Order. I would like to use this medium to call on President Muhammadu Buhari and the Executive Governor of Sokoto State With the Sultan of Sokoto to rise from their exulted positions along with all the Security Heads, Particularly the Inspector General of Police to move into Sokoto and All the Surrounding Communities for the Arrest of those Perpetrators so that they can face the consequences of their Demonic Actions under the Laws of the Land.

Nigerians should Understand Tolerance, Dialogue and Peaceful Conflict Resolution without the Unnecessary Shedding of Blood irrespective of Religion, Gender and Political Beliefs. Our Country Nigeria according to the Constitution is a Secular State where there is Freedom of Religion Expression, and no one Irrespective of Anger of Provocation should take Laws into their Hands Any attempt to do so is Criminal and should be Punished Accordingly.

I give an example; the last Easter Celebration of the Death and Resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who has Brought Redemption into the World was MOCKED and BLASPHEMED Against by a Bank in this Nation called Sterling – Bank Plc on All Major Media and Electronic Communication Platforms such as TV and News Papers Including Social Media That Jesus Christ Rose like AGEGE BREAD in anAdvertorial. The Bread was also Pictured in that Provoking Advert. That led to lot of outrage from the Body of Christ both Home and Abroad With Serious Condemnation of the Act of Ridicule and Insult by the Financial Institution that keeps the Money of both Christians and Muslims Including Non Believes.

Yes there was Outrage, but no Blood was shed and neither were any of the Banks Branches set ablaze. Until we Learn how to live as Brothers and Sisters and be our Brothers and Sisters keepers the Country is sitting on a keg of Gun Powder.
I hereby say Enough is Enough !!! Let those in Leadership Positions do the Needful before we throw our Great Country Nigeria into Civil Disobedience. Enough of Innocent Bloodshed. Let those who Justify the Actions of these Barbarians Hide their Heads in Shame . May God Heal our Nation Nigeria.

– Bishop Steven Ogedengbe – President Inter- Faith Ministers Network




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Bishop Steven Ogedengbe

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